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Renee Sanders

Renee is the Director of Sales at Integrity Energy and She has more than 18 years of experience in the Energy Industry and has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. Renee leads a team of 70+ employees ensuring the highest standards of client support through her dedication to developing sales professionals. Beyond her title at Integrity Energy, she is a devoted mother who can be found cheering her son on from the sidelines of his favorite sports activities. Renee is also passionate about investing and developing real estate in the greater Cleveland area.

Recent posts by Renee Sanders

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Navigating Same Day Electricity

How to Get Same Day Electricity There’s no need to overpay when you need same-day electricity. In deregulated markets, a residential energy broker makes it easy to compare power plans. How is same-day electricity even possible? Because of smart meters, that’s how. This newer technology allows
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How to Negotiate an Electric Bill

Key Takeaways In America, price negotiation is a way of life. We haggle over the price of everything from homes to cars. What you may not realize is that you can often negotiate your electric bill as well. States with deregulated energy typically offer the best opportunities to save. The American Co
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Natural Gas Rates Continue to Rise – Let Us Help!

Deregulated energy markets can feel overwhelming and complicated. Things can seem especially stressful during a time when natural gas rates are through the roof, causing energy prices to rise as well. At Price to Compare, our job is to help you and your home save money on energy costs in deregulated
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Tips For Choosing The Right Energy Supplier

With energy deregulation available in many U.S. states, consumers are now permitted the opportunity to choose the energy suppliers that supply them with power. This consumer choice is designed to encourage competition and lower prices while giving homeowners & commercial businesses more control
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