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Major Winter Mistakes Homeowners Make

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A white house and surrounding shrubbery are covered in snow. The red brick chimney to the left of the house is the only pop of color.

1. Not Installing the Proper Insulation in the House

The insulation is the most important part of your home when it comes to winter. It keeps all the heat in and it is what will save you from loads of heating bills when the cold starts to creep in. If you aren’t sure whether you’re doing it right, here are a couple mistakes that people make with their insulation during winter.

1) Not installing the proper insulation in your house – There are many different types of insulation that work best for certain places, so make sure to talk with an expert before deciding on what to use.

2) Leaving gaps in the outside walls – One of the most common mistakes people make in winter is not insulating their outside walls. This is because many people don’t think about the exterior of the house when they are thinking about how to keep it warm. The outside wall is just as important as the inside wall because it keeps all the warmth in during winter and keeps it out during summer. So, for this reason, you should consider insulating your outside walls so that you can save on heating bills and stay comfortable no matter what season it is.

2. Caring For Heating Equipment Too Late in the Season

The mistake of not caring for heating equipment too late in the season is a common one. Many people assume that because it is the beginning of winter it is too early to prepare for the cold months ahead. Though, this can be a costly mistake.

For example, fuel oil heaters are more expensive than electric heat, and by the time you realize you need to purchase fuel oil, it will be too late in the season to get your hands on any of it.

3. Letting a House Get Too Cold Before Turning On the Heater

A common mistake people usually make during winter is letting the house get too cold before turning on the heater. It’s important to know that it takes a while for a house’s heat to reach its maximum output, so people should keep the heat on at least 24 hours before expecting it to be warm enough. Another mistake is not installing an attic fan or window insulation. This will result in drafts which will lower the temperature of your home.

One thing to keep in mind though is to check if your chimney or vent pipes are clogged with debris or ice which can lead to big problems like carbon monoxide buildup and fires.

4. Ignoring Your Indoor Air Quality Needs During All Seasons of the Year

It’s not just the cold and flu bugs that can make living in winter difficult. You also have to deal with the dry air which can lead to a number of health problems, such as dehydration, chronic dry skin, and more.

In particular, you want to be careful not to ignore your indoor air quality needs during winter.

5. Leaving on the Christmas Lights

A common mistake in winter is leaving on the Christmas lights. The risk is that they may not be turned off when they are not needed anymore.

This mistake comes from the overly good intentions of the person who leaves their home looking beautiful, but at what cost? When they are not being used, these lights are just burning electricity for no reason.

There are many great ways to save energy during winter. For example, turning off or unplugging appliances when they are not being used or opening curtains instead of turning on the lights in a room. Energy saving Christmas lights such as LEDs are also an option.

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