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Navigating Same Day Electricity

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How to Get Same Day Electricity

There’s no need to overpay when you need same-day electricity. In deregulated markets, a residential energy broker makes it easy to compare power plans.

How is same-day electricity even possible? Because of smart meters, that’s how. This newer technology allows utilities to remotely activate electric service. There’s no need for a technician to come to the home. By 2022, about 73% of U.S. residences had smart meters. As the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) notes, the most advanced are “real-time meters with built-in two-way communication that is capable of recording and transmitting instantaneous data.”

Other advantages of smart meters include:

  • Day-to-day tracking of energy usage
  • Automatic notification of power outages
  • Taking advantage of time-of-use (TOU) energy plans
  • Help integrating rooftop solar with the grid

Why Same Day Electricity?

We often take electricity for granted until we don’t have it due to a storm or other disruption. When there’s no power, food in the freezer may spoil. During a heat wave, residents swelter without air conditioning. If you have electric heat, you can’t stay warm, and you can’t cook on an electric stove. When same-day electricity is available, it can save the day.

In regulated states, your designated electric utility does not face competition. This may make it less responsive to consumer needs. Same-day electricity is more common in deregulated states where energy suppliers compete for your business. One way to gain an edge is by activating your electric service without delay.

Which residential energy provider (REP) should you use? Fortunately, companies like Price to Compare make it easy to choose among competing REPs.

Understanding Same Day Electricity

Exactly what do we mean by “same-day electricity,” and who can get it?

What is same day electricity?

“Same-day electricity” is a term that refers to ordering and getting electricity at your residence on the very same day. Smart meters make this possible, and the good news is that they’ve been installed in most households. For example, there are 7.3 million smart meters in Texas alone.

Payless Power is one energy supplier offering same-day service. As long as you have a smart meter, it is possible to arrange for same-day electricity. You just need to call between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm, Monday thru Saturday.

There are a variety of situations when same-day service is very helpful or even essential. Here are some examples:

  • You forgot to arrange for electric service in advance of a move.
  • There’s an outage impacting one provider but not another.
  • You want to switch providers immediately.

Deregulation and Its Benefits

Energy deregulation offers consumers the benefits of competing energy suppliers, like better rates and more flexible plans. Same-day electricity is another positive result of this competition.

How to Apply for Same Day Electricity

Do you need same-day electricity? If so, how do you apply?

Step-by-step guide to quick electricity setup

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting same-day electricity:

  1. Go to an energy comparison website like Price To Compare.
  2. Enter your zip code in the box provided
  3. Compare energy plans: features, rate types, terms, and provider ratings
  4. Select a plan that meets your needs
  5. Contact the provider by the deadline for same-day service
  6. Submit to a credit check (if requested), and pay a deposit (if requested), or make an initial payment toward a prepaid plan

Tips for a speedy approval

When you apply, be ready to provide your address and contact information. If possible, have a recent utility bill available for reference – it may help you pick a plan that better aligns with your needs. Choose from fixed-rate, variable-rate, pre-paid, and renewable energy plans.

Are you moving into a new apartment? If so, the landlord or property manager will probably want proof that you have electricity before you get the keys. It is all too easy to forget about electricity service in the midst of all your moving details. Fortunately, it’s often possible to go online and arrange for service in minutes.

Same Day Electricity: Overcoming Obstacles

Potential obstacles to getting the power turned on the same day:

  • Same-day service not available in your area
  • No credit history, or a lower credit score
  • Too late in the day to order

A credit check is often part of the enrollment process. Companies typically perform a “soft pull” that won’t impact your credit score. You can always ask whether they will perform a hard or a soft pull. A hard inquiry can impact your credit score.

An energy provider may request a deposit if you have no credit history or a less than stellar one. Sometimes, the deposit request or the amount of the deposit is negotiable. An energy supplier eager for your business may bend on the deposit requirement. If you don’t like the terms offered by one supplier, try another. Credit requirements often vary among competing energy providers.

One of the risks in choosing same-day electricity is that you might not do your due diligence. That is, you might not evaluate available electric plans as thoroughly as you should. For example, you might select a long-term plan that doesn’t really suit your needs. Once you lock into a long-term plan, be prepared to face a termination fee if you change providers too early.

Give some forethought to the nature of your electrical usage. When do you use the most electricity? Also, do you want more of your energy to come from renewable sources? The percent of renewable energy in various plans may range from less than 10% to a full 100%. Once you’ve thought things through, visit a website that makes it easy to compare electricity plans, like

Wrapping Up: Your Path to Same Day Electricity

Same-day electricity is often available in deregulated states. Energy providers may offer this service to gain an edge over the competition. In some places, you can arrange for electric service well into the afternoon and still get it the same day.

Price to Compare is your trusted source for same-day electricity. Look to us for help in finding reputable energy suppliers offering the best rates. Contact us online, or reach out to one of our energy consultants to find the best electric plans.