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Lessen your carbon footprint today.

How it works:

Switching to renewable energy is easy through Price To Compare’s online marketplace. We’ll help connect you to a supplier with electricity plans that include renewable energy credits.

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Why switch to renewable energy?

In 2018, coal-powered electricity and natural gas made up about 55% of total energy-related emissions in the United States.

By switching to a renewable energy supplier, you can support local clean energy initiatives and help them to continue and expand their mission to provide your area with greener power sources. allows you to compare dozens of renewable energy suppliers and plans at once, making it easy to find the best clean energy option for your home.

What are renewable energy credits?

Renewable energy credits (or RECs) represent electricity that is generated by clean power sources, including hydro, wind or solar power. Many utility companies offer renewable energy plans that consist entirely, or partly, of renewable energy sources.

This is because once electricity is produced and sent to your home, it is impossible to tell whether the electricity you’ve consumed was generated by renewable or non-renewable means. But, by purchasing RECs, you can ensure that the electricity costs you’ve paid support renewable generation sources.

What is a green energy supplier?

A green energy supplier is a generator and provider of energy that is derived from a renewable source, such as solar, wind or hydropower. These energy sources do not deplete the earth of natural resources or pollute its atmosphere, which makes switching to a green energy supplier a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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