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Texas ESID Lookup

Use this tool to lookup your ESID number, using your current address.

What is an ESID?

An Electric Service Identifier (often styled ESID, ESIID, or ESI ID) is a unique number assigned to a “Service Delivery Point” in Texas. The ESID is not the same as the meter number or account number for your utility, and the number is not visible on your meter. Instead, the number is tied to a physical address. There are currently over 12 million ESIDs used for residential and commercial properties in Texas.

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Pro Tip:

Use the tool above to find the ESID for a given address.

How is an ESID used?

The ESID is what an electric service provider uses to set up electricity service at an address and track energy usage. Providing your ESID makes it easy for Texas customers to take advantage of their Power to Choose an electricity service provider and find a competitive rate.

Breaking Down an ESID

Typically 17 or 22 characters, an ESID consists of 3 parts.


The first two digits are always 10, an electric industry prefix.

Department of Energy TDSP ID

The next five digits are assigned by the Department of Energy to each Transmission / Delivery Service Provider in Texas. This number can help you identify your utility provider, which is assigned by address and not subject to choice.

Unique Point of Service ID

The remaining digits are the unique ID that helps your chosen Retail Electric Provider verify your location, turn on your power, and monitor your usage.

Finding your Utility

The 5-digit Transmission / Delivery Service Provider ID is assigned by the Department of Energy. Use the list below to determine which TDSP services your address.

Electric Prefix and 5-Digit DOE Number Transmission/Delivery Service Provider
1003278AEP Texas Central
1013830Nueces Electric Coop
1020404AEP Texas North
1040051Texas New Mexico Power
1044372Oncor Electric Delivery
Source: ERCOT Retail 101