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Find the Best Electricity Rates in Connecticut

Connecticut residents benefit from a competitive energy market place in which a pool of retail energy providers (REPs) must work to gain and retain customers. Also known as energy suppliers, they use all kinds of strategies to attract new customers. Sorting through these complicated plans, varying rates, contract lengths, introductory rates, bill credits, minimum usage levels, cancellation fees, energy sources, and more, can be overwhelming.

How do you pick the right energy provider and the best plan for your individual energy needs? Have confidence in your energy choices by relying on our team of professionals and their years of experience. With Price To Compare, we empower you to identify and secure the most competitive energy rates in the state. Our energy specialists compile an apples-to-apples comparison chart based on your home’s current energy costs and available energy suppliers in your area.

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Connecticut Electricity Rates

With the second highest residential electric rates in the nation, the Constitution State is notorious for costly energy charges. This means taking advantage of the deregulated energy market to lower your cost of electricity in Connecticut is even more essential. On top of that, market fluctuations through changes in consumer demand, wholesale energy prices and even seasonal weather patterns can create unpredictable high bills. The good news is, together we can stabilize your energy costs and ensure you are getting your best rate.

With our easy-to-use energy marketplace, you can shop Connecticut electricity companies and plans quickly, so you can switch electricity providers in less than 5 minutes! Find a better rate today.

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Pro Tip:

Check your current costs first. Look at your “electric supply charges,” shown in cents per kWh. This is the portion charged by your energy supplier. In other words, it’s the cost you have control over. Have your current electric or natural gas bill handy to compare suppliers and rates.

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Alternative Energy Answers in Connecticut

The sun shines on Connecticut renewable energy initiatives. Currently, Connecticut produces 5% of its electricity from renewable energy sources, mostly from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, in addition to some biomass and hydroelectric facilities. To learn more, you can explore Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Public Utilities Regulatory Authority’s (PURA) clean energy programs.

It’s easy to save on “green” while you go green! Even if you’re not ready to install your own solar panel system, sourcing your home’s energy with renewable energy is simple. Find a 100% clean energy plan through Price to Compare. Local, clean energy production is made cheaper every day through increasing consumer demand, innovative technology, and greater production of renewable energy. We’re here to help you enjoy the best green energy prices on the market.

Renewable energy options for your home.

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Connecticut Electricity Suppliers

There are a wide variety of utility companies that service Connecticut. Residents may purchase electricity from local utility companies at their default power rate or shop around for lower rates from retail energy providers. REPs are responsible for either generating or purchasing electricity before selling it to you. While utility companies also manage and distribute energy produced by suppliers. Review our Pro-Tips for choosing the right energy supplier.

Constellation logo


Constellation is a national supplier of electric power and natural gas. It is a subsidiary of Exelon that services approximately 2 million residential, public sector, and business customers.
Headquarters: Baltimore, MD
Founded In: 1999
Contact: 1-855-797-5685
Direct Energy logo

Direct Energy

Direct Energy supplies electric power and natural gas to four million customers across the U.S. and most of Canada. It was originally founded in Toronto, Canada, but is now headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Headquarters: Houston, TX
Founded In: 1986
Contact: 1-855-461-1926
Tomorrow Energy logo

Tomorrow Energy

Tomorrow Energy is a Houston-based retail provider of electricity and natural gas. It operates in Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. It was originally founded in 2011 as Sperian Energy Corporation, but rebranded in 2018 to Tomorrow Energy.
Headquarters: Houston, TX
Founded In: 2011
Contact: 1-888-682-8082

Utility Companies in Connecticut

What’s the difference between your energy provider and utility company, you ask? Your utility company is responsible for managing and distributing energy produced by the supplier. For instance, the utility company must ensure that power reaches your home by installing and maintaining electricity and natural gas lines. They’re also in charge of responding to power outages. Three major utilities service Connecticut.

  • Eversource Energy serves over 4 million residents and small businesses across Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire with electricity and natural gas.
  • United Illuminating is a utility concentrated in Connecticut that provides electricity to over 300,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout New Haven and Bridgeport.
  • Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) is a local Connecticut utility and a subsidiary of Eversource Energy along with several other affiliates.
Eversource Energy logo

Eversource Energy

At Eversource, we live in the neighborhoods we serve, working together for a better tomorrow. We’re 9,200 men and women committed to providing safe, reliable, and sustainable electric, gas, and water service in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.
Headquarters: Boston, MA
Founded In: 1966
Contact: 1-800-286-2000
UI Logo


United Illuminating is a regional electric distribution company located in Orange, Connecticut. Established in 1899, UI is engaged in the purchase, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity and related services to 325,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in 17 towns and cities in the greater New Haven and Bridgeport areas.
Headquarters: New Haven, CT
Founded In: 1899
Contact: 1-800-722-5584
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Pro Tip:

You will find two main charges on your energy bill and understanding the difference can help save you money. First, the utility charge is a fixed-rate expense and is dictated by your zip code and local utility company. It’s based on the cost of delivering energy from the generator to your home, maintaining electric lines and expenses for upkeep of the electric grid. Second, the “supply charges” include the cost of making and storing the energy. That’s what we can help you lower.

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About Energy Deregulation in Connecticut

Connecticut acquired a competitive energy market in 1998 when legislation passed PA 98-28 which divided companies responsible for energy supply from those maintaining energy transmission and maintenance. This shift divided a vertically integrated energy system and developed a competitive energy market place. The CT energy arena is regulated by Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA).

With energy deregulation, Connecticut electricity suppliers must now compete for consumers, driving down the average cost of electricity while promoting more customer-centric service plans. Learn more about how deregulation supports a strong energy industry.

Join financially savvy Connecticut residents and business owners who are currently saving on their energy bills after switching to a more competitive energy plan. Sound good? Compare electricity & natural gas rates in Connecticut with Price To Compare and start saving today.

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Shop Electricity Plans in Connecticut

Over 3.6 million residents live and work in CT and deserve low-cost, reliable electricity. When you do not select your own supplier, you receive the Standard Offer Service (SOS), also known as your rate to compare provided by your local utility determined by your zip code.

Energy costs change regularly, so let’s walk through the types of energy plans offered and find the one that’s right for you.

Fixed Rate Plans

Featuring fixed electric rates determined by a contract, your rate will remain consistent regardless of the current electric rate. While the wholesale cost of electricity varies, these plans help keep your budget predictable and affordable, giving you the energy security you need.

Variable-Rate Plans

These rates are determined by the current state of the energy market. You get a cheaper rate when energy is abundant but pay higher rates in times of high demand or low production. These plans offer the flexibility of no contract but are high in risk.

Pre-Paid Plans

Using a smart meter, the customer pays in advance. Then the provider adjusts the account as the energy is used. When the balance runs low, the consumer adds additional funds to an online account and no contract is required.

Green Energy Plans

Don’t let another sunny day go by before you start saving! Consider that you’ve got exciting, affordable energy choices. Wind, solar, biomass, biogas, geothermal, or hydroelectric—our powerful network connects you to the energy source of your choice. Power your home while supporting eco-friendly electricity initiatives and local jobs in just a few clicks. Price To Compare can guide you to competitive renewable energy plans!

Pro Tip:

Most often, residents prefer fixed-rate plans. We can help you avoid nasty cancellation fees, rate hikes, minimum usage fees, and peak energy use times—basically being overcharged for turning the lights on. Understand your Energy Facts Label (EFL) to make the most of your energy choice. If you have any questions, we can help! Every day, our energy experts consider all of these factors and more.

Your Go-To Energy Expert

Take comfort knowing our dedicated energy experts have your back. We’ve been in this industry for over a decade and have one of the largest national networks of commercial energy suppliers. With over 50 years of combined executive experience, our team of energy professionals constantly monitor the current landscape for changes that affect your energy costs. We believe keeping your home or business bright, comfortable, and functioning smoothly should be as easy as flipping a switch!

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Let Price To Compare eliminate the complications and dig through the details for you. If you’re not sure where to start, contact one of our experienced Energy Consultants today!