A buyer’s guide to
smart energy shopping.

Price To Compare provides a simple and secure energy shopping experience that gives you the power to choose your power. Learn how to pick the right energy plan for your needs.

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Tips for choosing the right energy plan

With most purchases, it’s typically a good idea to do a little research before you buy - shopping for a new energy plan is no different. Learn how to use energy choice to your advantage and get the best deals on electricity and natural gas rates with these helpful tips:

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Have your bill handy

Your bill will have your current energy rate – or your price to compare – listed. This is the number you’ll want to compare to the rates in our price comparison tool.

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This is your price to compare to other suppliers' rates.

Note: When comparing rates, it may be helpful to convert your utility bill’s rate from dollars to cents. To do this, multiply the dollar amount by 100.

For example, an electricity rate of $0.0637 per kWh equals 6.37 ¢ per kWh.

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Read your new plan’s details thoroughly

When choosing a new energy plan, be sure to carefully review its terms. Specifically, make sure you understand:

The length of the plan:
Providers will include the end date of your new energy plan within the terms. Add it to your calendar, with a reminder alert set one or two months before the date – this will allow you plenty of time to search for and select a new rate at the end of your plan.

If it’s a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan:
Your plan will offer either a fixed or variable energy rate. Variable-rate energy plans offer low initial fixed rates, but shift to higher variable rates after the initial fixed period has ended.

For this reason, Price To Compare recommends choosing a fixed-rate plan in most cases, to avoid any unexpected changes in price during your plan period.

Any cancellation fees:
Many energy plans have no cancellation penalties. However, some can carry additional fees for terminating after your initial trial period, or your Guarantee Period. Understand your Guarantee Period – many are between 60 to 90 days – and any associated fees for canceling beyond that period before signing up.

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Add your plan’s end date to your calendar

Your new supplier will provide an end date within your plan’s terms.

Remember to put a calendar reminder a month or two prior to this date so that you can start shopping for a new plan before your old one ends.

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Know when you can switch

If you’re currently allowing your utility company to choose your energy supplier, you can switch to a new supplier at any time.

However, if you’ve already signed up with another supplier previously, you’ll want to check the end date of that plan to avoid any early termination fees.

Protecting yourself from consumer scams

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Price To Compare is committed to empowering homeowners to make the best, most informed decisions about their home’s energy purchases.

However, as with many services, it is important for energy consumers to be aware scams and know what to look for to avoid them.

Most importantly, know that Price To Compare will never ask for:

  • Your banking information.
  • Your debit or credit card number.
  • Any other form of payment information.

If you ever have questions or concerns regarding an energy offer you’ve received in person, over the phone or via email, don’t hesitate to contact your utility company directly. Your utility company can confirm any information regarding your energy account’s status, your current supplier and other important information.

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