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Average price of residential electricity in Pennsylvania$13.93 ¢/ per kwh

(updated January 2021 with most recent data available)

U.S. Energy Information Administration

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No matter what Punxsutawney Phil sees this winter, don’t live in the shadow of high natural gas prices. Make the most of your heating spend by choosing the right energy plan for your needs. Compare natural gas rates and switch to a better Pennsylvania gas supplier today.

Average price of residential natural gas in Pennsylvania$13.72 per Mcf/MMBtu
$1.37 per Ccf/therm

(updated January 2021 with most recent data available)

U.S. Energy Information Administration

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Go green with a Pennsylvania renewable energy plan

You have the power to switch your power’s source throughout the Commonwealth – so why not use it to lower your carbon footprint? Compare green energy suppliers in Pennsylvania all within one, convenient marketplace.

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Pennsylvania retail energy providers

We want to help you understand more about how to get the best electric rates in Pennsylvania. REPs are responsible for either generating or purchasing electricity before selling it to you. Use the negotiating power of our extensive REP network to provide you with the best rates out there. With all the electric companies in Pennsylvania, you’ll benefit from working with our energy experts. Here’s are the top companies in our network:

Constellation - National supplier of both electric energy and natural gas.

Direct Energy - Headquartered in Houston, TX, they supply electric power and natural gas to 4 million customers throughout the U.S.

Energy Harbor - With a home base of Akron, OH supplies electricity and natural gas to over a million residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Santanna Energy Services - Serving Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana, they provide both electricity and natural gas to homes and businesses.

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Powering a business of any size isn’t easy - or cheap for that matter. Take control of your company’s energy spend. Request a free quote on commercial energy rates for your Pennsylvania business and switch commercial energy suppliers today.

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Pennsylvania Utility Companies

Now don’t get confused. Your energy provider and utility company are two different things. Pennsylvania utility companies, also called distributors, are responsible for managing and distributing the energy owned by suppliers.

For instance, the utility company must ensure the power reaches your home by installing and maintaining electricity and natural gas lines. They’re also in charge of responding to power outages.

There are 18 major utility companies that service Pennsylvania. Which one services your home? (This part is dictated by location, not choice.)

Top utility companies for Pennsylvania include Citizen’s Electric Company, Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, Duquesne Light Company, and Met-Ed.

Pro Tip: Always call your utility company rather than your energy provider in a power emergency.

What’s the story?

How did PA end up with so many competitive energy options? In December of 1996, Pennsylvania passed The Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act, which effectively deregulated the electricity industry within the state. This act opened up competition within the market and provided consumers the choice to decide where their electricity came from.

Three years later, the state’s natural gas industry followed suit when the Pennsylvania General Assembly approved the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act of 1999.

According to the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate, over 1.7 million residential and commercial customers across the state are currently taking advantage of Pennsylvania’s electricity choice, while nearly 400,000 residential gas customers are taking advantage of Pennsylvania’s natural gas choice.

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