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Spend less on bills with a better Illinois electricity rate

Keep your electric bills under control this summer by choosing a better electricity rate today. With our easy-to-use marketplace, you can pick a plan from several of the nation’s top suppliers, making energy budgeting simpler from start to finish. Find the right Illinois electricity rate for your home today.

Average price of residential electricity in Illinois12.32 ¢/ per kwh

(updated February 2021 with most recent data available)

U.S. Energy Information Administration

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Average price of residential natural gas in Illinois:

Illinois winters can be fierce – so why not choose a natural gas rate that will protect your savings this winter? Natural gas rates can change every day, and even throughout the day, depending on supply and demand, and when demand peaks, so does your bill. Find the right fixed-rate natural gas plan to keep your home warmer and your wallet fuller this winter.

Average price of residential natural gas in Illinois$6.79 per Mcf/MMBtu
$0.68 per Ccf/therm

(updated January 2021 with most recent data available)

U.S. Energy Information Administration

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Renewable energy options in Illinois

Go greener than the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s day by choosing a renewable energy plan for your home. By selecting an eco-friendly electricity plan, you’ll help support and grow local renewable energy initiatives which can, in turn, make the technology more accessible and affordable in the long run. Search for the best renewable energy plans Illinois has to offer today.

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Compare electricity and natural gas rates from the top energy providers in the state of Illinois, including:

Keep your overhead lower with better commercial energy rates in Illinois

There’s more to energy management than buying LED lightbulbs. Whether you’re a small mom-and-pop shop in Springfield or conducting business in the heart of the Windy City, get the most out of your energy efficient-efforts by choosing a better electricity or natural gas rate for your business. When you work with Price To Compare, our team of dedicated experts will help you every step of the way, walking you through all your commercial energy options, and setting you up with the rate that’s right for your budget. And we’re constantly monitoring the market, so when the time comes to renew, we can help you find the best business energy rates available in Illinois.

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Utility companies in Illinois

There are 6 major natural gas and electric utility companies in the state of Illinois.

Your utility company is responsible for transporting energy from your chosen energy supplier into your home, and for maintaining the infrastructure used to do so.

About energy deregulation in Illinois

Illinois began its journey to deregulation in 1997, when the state amended a section of its Public Utilities Act in order to give the Illinois Commerce Commission the ability to supply alternate rate regulations.

The same year, the Ilinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law was passed, allowing customers the ability to choose their own electricity suppliers.

Five years later in 2002, the Illinois natural gas industry followed suit with the ratification of the Alternative Gas Supplier Law.

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